Top 10 Rules for a Better Work Life Balance By


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#1 Let go of perfection

In the Isle of Man we say Traa-dy-Liooar, which means time enough. Let go of stress, take a bit of extra time and embrace a more relaxed approach to life. So what if you spilled a bit of jam on your shirt, you’ve got another and you’ll still nail that presentation!

#2 It’s all about the journey

Say goodbye to city traffic and say hello to fresh air and open sea views. Make sure you enjoy every moment, take a step back from where you’re going and embrace how you’re going to get there. With a population density of less than 150 people per square km experience quieter roads and short, stress-free commutes.

#3 Work smarter not longer

The Isle of Man is among the Top 5 connected countries in the world meaning you can stay connected across the Island. Many employers offer flexible working and with Government support available for new start-ups, combined with a buoyant economy, you could find yourself running your own business when and how you want.

#4 Don’t skip on lunch

How can you work on an empty stomach? The Isle of Man is blessed with great eateries across the Island offering everything from local delicacies like Queenies and kippers to traditional British and global staples. Go on, spoil yourself, we won’t tell anyone!

#5 Spend more time in nature

More than 40% of the Isle of Man remains unpopulated making the Island a natural playground for all to enjoy. Depending on the season you can find puffins, basking sharks, seals and many birds of prey. With hundreds of miles of maintained footpaths, green lanes, mountain bike trails and stunning coastline the Isle of Man is the perfect place to reconnect with nature. We’re so passionate about how we co-exist with nature we became the only entire country to be recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere.

Moving to the Isle of Man

• Many employers offer relocation packages for successful candidates enabling a smooth transition to island life.
• Average earnings on Island are 10% higher than in the UK.
• Full time employees, on average, work just 37.1 hours.
• Income tax is more favourable than in the UK, currently with a 10% lower rate and higher rate of 20%.
• The Isle of Man has a fantastic range of different financial and professional services companies, enabling you to progress your career with a variety of experiences.

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