Job Seekers: Looking for Support as well as a Job?  Use a Recruitment Agency.

The team at Ability Plus will help you make the biggest impact on the companies you want to impress! 

As a recruitment agency we get to understand what is most important to you as a candidate.  We help job seekers every day with all the extra support that goes into finding a job, for example: 

  1. Help with CV writing – working on promoting your experience and skills, no matter what industries or kinds of roles you have worked in. 
  2. Carry out role-play for interview preparation – get the help you need in preparing your answers to common questions, build your confidence and clear up any queries.  We make it relaxed and enjoyable so don’t worry.  We’re here to help you succeed. 
  3. Advice on presentation, communication skills, and body language to help you feel positive about interviews.
  4. Conversations to find out about your skills and discuss different types of companies and where you would ‘fit in’ and be happy and fulfilled.

One of the biggest questions candidates have when considering to apply for a job is “Will I be happy and able to develop my career here?”

In answer to this question, we can give you strong detailed profiles of companies based on the factors that are most important to you.  Factors that come into consideration are:  how successful other employees have been in the company, the benefits and care package companies offer, and if study support is available. There are other important things to consider too, for example, is there flexible working hours or free parking.  As a candidate you are an individual and will have individual requirements. 

When searching for a job, or considering your next career move – there’s a lot involved! 

Think about when you go away with the girls or lads for a weekend, or away on a family holiday – think how much planning goes in to that! 

  • You take responsibility for the work you are leaving behind ensuring that things will be alright while you’re gone, and your colleagues aren’t left with an emergency they can’t handle.  
  • You review the flights, check the hotels, compare the hotels and resorts on and Trip Advisor and gather as much information as you can.  
  • You share the information with friends and family before you book, then comes the decision process which takes a while. 
  • Arranging foreign currency (not to mention the clothes, packing, and sightseeing to do!) 

But when you look for a new job or a change in career, do you actually put this much effort in to researching the company or career path? 

It’s much more difficult to access the same information for a job as you would do for your holiday.  At Ability plus we can address all of your recruitment questions (a bit like Trip Advisor!) and answer your queries, concerns, hopes and fears.   

Above all, we are here to help you make the biggest impact on the companies you want to impress, so if you are planning to look for a new role or make a change, get in touch with us on 01624 662165 or

Anne Hanna ‐ November 21, 2018