Recruitment and HR is ultimately about building relationships and connections between people.  

Candidates are looking for a recruitment company they can work with and HR Departments and Hiring Managers are looking for recruitment partners who have a vested interest in their business. Ideally, an agency who will help THEIR TEAM grow in the long-term, work alongside them on a daily basis, and represent their values and standards to the candidates in a positive manner.    

Half of the recruiting process is attracting candidates with the right level of experience; the other half is determining which candidate will be the perfect fit for the team and the culture of the company.

“Ability Plus works in partnership with hiring managers and HR departments to help ensure that both ‘halves’ of the recruitment process are fulfilled to make a whole lot of difference!”

Online testing and recruitment tools will take your processes only so far on the hiring journey.  Although these tools can be useful at times, they cannot fully determine who will be the best fit for the team and company because this is where the human connection makes all the difference – an effective agency uses empathy, insight, face-to-face communication, and above all – relationships. 

By using a recruitment agency like Ability Plus, the team will get to tell  candidates your company’s story, giving real examples of how others have progressed and what the company culture is like.  This can make a real difference to filling the vacancy, with a candidate who will suit the role and your team! 

With the pressure on HR Departments and Hiring Managers to fill more roles within a shorter timeframe, they need to use a good recruitment agency which can: 

  1. Source and collate all applications
  2. Keep records of candidates, taking the administration off your hands
  3. Document verification
  4. Check a candidate’s right to work in the UK and Isle of Man
  5. Assist with any work permit requirements
  6. Scanning and filtering applications – saving you the time and energy you need for your business
  7. Presenting you with the most suitable candidates so you can make a decision that is EASIER and QUICKER.
  8. Giving you confidence in making the final choice for the person who best fits your organisation
  9. Handle the rejection letters and give feedback to candidates.

We are here to provide the human side to connect people – and therefore teams – together to ensure the right match for both parties and to provide an excellent outsourced service for recruitment and selection activities for your business/company. Get in touch with us on 01624 662165 or

Anne Hanna ‐ November 26, 2018