It’s finally here, the fortnight we all wait for when our Island comes alive with the need for speed and (hopefully) sunshine! Whilst the 2019 TT is set to be one of the best yet, read on for tips on how to get your career on track.

1. Plan your search

It’s helpful to set goals in your job search (make X number of phone calls per day, send CV to X amount of vacancies per week, for example) and to keep track of what you’re doing. Not only does this give you more control over your job search but it also allows you to monitor your strategy and adjust it where necessary.

Concentrating on the jobs you want will ensure your genuine enthusiasm shines through in your applications. If that means targeting fewer jobs then so be it, take the time to make the best application possible so you stand out as an applicant.

2. Make yourself visible

Aim to build your visibility and professional reputation both online and offline. But be aware we  now live in a social media society which sees potential employers looking at YOUR social media as a way to find out more about you, but what exactly are they looking for?

When searching social networking sites, the clients we spoke to mentioned three main things they are vigilant for:

  • Information that supports your qualifications – having your school or university listed on your profile adds depth to you and your application. *Cue quick upload of Uni graduation pic*
  • The professionalism of a candidate – Your CV is great, but if an employer viewed your profile and saw pictures of you in a rather compromising position at Bushy’s Beer Tent, this doesn’t exactly mirror the ‘confident, well presented professional’ you described yourself as….
  • What other people are posting about candidates – beware of the dreaded tagged photos!

So, you get it they will be having a snoop on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but can employers really find that information? It may be easier than you think.  Feedback we received from one of our clients stated that, when they looked into candidates’ social media profiles they could often find information that resulted in them not hiring or even interviewing a candidate.

However, there’s some good news.  We also found a lot of information through online profiles which would result in our client wanting to hire the candidate. The picture of you at that charity fun run really does pay off!

Our tip? Hide those embarrassing pictures, remove any snapchat filters and cringey bio’s and showcase the real, professional candidate you are striving to be!

3. Involve other people in your search

Do not be afraid to ask people you know for help; to keep their ear to the ground for you or to introduce you to others who might know of an opportunity. As well as involving us in your thought process. We often know what’s happening in your ideal sector, finding out where the opportunities both present and future lie, who’s hiring or firing and so on… Work hand in hand with our Recruitment Team, tell us what you want, where you would like to be and in turn we can use that information to match you with your dream position.

4. Be ready to apply

You might need to present a range of application materials, such as a CV tailored per sector or role, a short bio when you email a potential contact or a simple script for calling people. Have these prepared and rehearsed for when you need them at short notice. Vacancies come and go quickly so being prepared really does pay off.

5. Work on your frame of mind

If you’ve experienced rejection after rejection, or not even been close to an interview, it can start to feel personal. Try to remain confident in your skills and abilities. If you’re realistic about the jobs and companies which are a good fit for you and you’re busy applying for positions which you are genuinely interested in, you will find the right role. Accept that rejections will happen but pick yourself up, dust yourself down and go after the next opportunity.

Did you know? We offer interview preparation to all of our candidates prior to interview, so do not fear, Ability Plus are here! Within your interview preparation we will go through any questions you may have to ensure you are the bright, shining, confident professional your recently updated Facebook showcases you to be!

We understand the need for speed when looking for your next step and our team of specialist recruiters are on hand every step of the way. Just see us as your personal pit stop, we are here to refuel your career search, repair that ego and make those all-important mechanical adjustments. See us a driver change; take the passenger seat and we will deliver you to the finish line where your new career is just beginning. 

Anne Hanna ‐ May 27, 2019