We are home to the fastest road race in the world, but how does speed affect recruitment for your business?

All good things don’t necessarily come to those who wait – apart from the TT fortnight of course!

Our personal experience shows that the best qualified candidates find jobs faster, at Ability Plus we see our best qualified candidates securing positions within 7-10 days of initial registration. If the recruiting speed within your business slows, the pool of higher-quality candidates sourced for a position will shrink, meaning by the time you have short listed your ideal candidates for interview some may be unavailable.

How to solve this?

Have A Closing Date For Applications

You can have a sparkling job description, an excellent employer brand and offer a good salary but with no set end date for receipt of applications, you can end up with a very lengthy recruitment process.

Knowing the end date is key! If we know the closing date for applications, we can relay this to our candidates so they have an idea of when they expect to hear back with the update of whether they will be progressing to the next stage. Often, we find that candidates will wait to hear progress of their applications even if they get a job offer in the meantime.

Arrange Interviews

Once you have shortlisted the candidates you would like to interview, let us know! We will go back to those selected and arrange the interview. Giving us a specific time and date allows us to ensure we work within your time frame. Suiting what works for you and your business (and the room/interviewer’s availability!).

The Interview 

When interviewing multiple candidates for a specific role we recommend asking every candidate the same or similar questions. This will allow you to access the answers given by each candidate across identical questions, helping you narrow down your decision on that perfect hire!


Come back to one of our Consultants at Ability Plus with your thoughts and impression on the interviewee. Did you know we go back to each candidate after their interview and get their feedback? This all important information when relayed back to you can be a significant factor in your overall hiring decision.

We want to place the right candidate in the right role and keep you, our VIC (Very Important Client) happy.

We understand the need for speed and our team of specialist Recruiters are on hand every step of the way. Just see us as your personal pit stop, we are here to refuel your candidate search and make those all-important mechanical adjustments that sees you provided with top quality talent!  Get in touch to see how we can help on 01624 662165.

Anne Hanna ‐ May 27, 2019