It’s not all doom and gloom out there for graduates looking to start their career!  Whether you are looking to start an internship or gain your first job qualified with a degree, there could be different pathways to take, which might not be your planned route.  There are pro-active ways to help yourself in the current climate and help you to fulfil your potential.


Be open minded about ‘side stepping’ within your career.  The people who are flexible and willing to adapt in this situation, will have more opportunities available to them. 

Keep in mind that this ‘side step’ might not be forever, and will bring new skills and experience to your CV and personal development – which is a good thing of course!

Community Resources

Support in the community could be helpful, for example, in your local Chamber of Commerce that liaise with their members and events that take place for marketing, industry forums, start up guidance and so on.  There may well be new initiatives being set up that need support eg charities, community projects.

Check out the Isle of Man’s Internship Programme 2020 on the Business Isle of Man website here for information on internships.

Develop Yourself

Make use of any learning opportunities, and free learning resources.  LinkedIn Learning has courses for university students, and there are plenty of free providers online like Coursera.  This will look brilliant to potential employers and internship providers!  Keeping the brain active and engaged will also help with your mindset, staying positive and upbeat 😊

Social Profiles

Ensure your social profiles are up to date and looking good for any potential opportunities!  Your LinkedIn profile is so important now, so get it polished up and let employers know you are available, qualifications up to date, recent appropriate photo and actively seeking roles!

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Expand Type of Role/Industry

You might have planned your career in great detail and be disappointed that this plan needs to change.  If you are open to think about different roles and types of companies then you might find a an opportunity you do enjoy and will give a good starting platform for your career!

For example, you might be set on starting an accountancy and audit internship within a large firm, however, there may be opportunities available for a start-up practice or within the third sector.

Focus on who is hiring

There are many companies who have slowed or even halted any graduate recruitment and internships in 2020.  However, there are plenty of businesses that are hiring and growing!  Focus on the companies that are hiring.

Employment agencies will understand the market and know who is hiring so please get in touch so we can help you with our insider knowledge.

We can guide you on your CV, interview questions, helping to find the right company and opportunities for you based on your qualifications, skills, and personality!

Telephone 01624 662165 or email and speak to Anne or Clodagh for personalised support.

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Anne Hanna ‐ August 21, 2020