Virtual interviews have become more popular over the past few years. It’s essential to be well-prepared to present yourself confidently and clearly.

If you haven’t had a remote interview on the telephone or online then read on. There are lots of different aspects to think about compared to how you would approach a standard face-to-face interview.

Some pointers for how you can organise your environment and self for a successful telephone or online interview:

  • Get prepared and ensure you have a stable internet connection, it might be wise to disconnect other devices in your home, for example, someone gaming who is taking up bandwidth! This can affect internet quality.
  • You could talk to others in your family or household and politely request a quiet environment for the duration of the interview; then most noise or interruptions can be avoided giving you peace of mind.
  • If you have a virtual interview, set up a calm and clutter free background – it doesn’t have to be snazzy, a minimal background is perfect. You could have a virtual background if you are confident in using those in your video call software. The main thing to think about is: can the interviewer see and/or hear you clearly.
  • Even if the interview is on the telephone, dress professionally or wear a smart/casual outfit that boosts your confidence. Remember, the interviewer can still gauge aspects of your body language and expressions just from your voice in the tone, volume, and projection.
  • Before the interview, do your research on the company and the role you’re applying for. Identify their values, mission, and recent achievements. Even though you are preparing for a remote style interview, you still need to show your interest and be ready to ask specific questions that show you are committed to the interview.
  • You could prepare answers to common interview questions and practice them aloud. Ask a friend to conduct a mock interview for additional practice if telephone or virtual interviews are new to you.
  • During the interview, do your best to sound enthusiastic. Speak clearly and avoid unnecessary jargon as clear communication in this interview format is key. Take your time to answer questions thoughtfully and concisely, you can always ask for a moment to think of an example when taking a telephone interview. This communicates clearly to the interviewer you understand the question and they will appreciate you saying this, rather than leaving a question mark. Remember it can be tricky for both parties.
  • Maintain good eye contact by looking at the camera if you are doing a virtual interview. In a normal interview we wouldn’t keep eye contact all the time, so it’s normal to look away to think, or at your notes for some prompts.
  • Remember to showcase your skills and experience effectively by giving relevant examples of your past projects, achievements, improvements you made in your previous roles, and your own development.

There’s advantages too for a telephone or virtual interview in the convenience it offers.

  • You can participate from the comfort of your own home or chosen space, eliminating the need to travel. There’s no need to worry about traffic, parking, or getting lost on the way to the interview location. On the Island these aspects are often easier due to our size, however, new places can be a challenge, especially if directions aren’t your strongest point.
  • Virtual interviews can sometimes be more concise and to the point, helping both parties to focus on the key aspects of the conversation. Reasons being: there’s less distractions, communication needs to be very focussed and on topic for the interviewer and interviewee to get their points and questions across succinctly.
  • Taking part in an interview from your own space provides a level of comfort that might not be attainable in a formal interview setting. This could enhance your confidence and enable you to effectively present your skills and experiences without any added stress.

Remember, it’s crucial to be prepared and treat telephone or virtual interviews with the same level of professionalism as face-to-face interviews. Good luck if you have an upcoming remote interview from all of us at Ability Plus.

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Anne Hanna ‐ July 10, 2023