In today’s competitive job market, professional job seekers are constantly seeking ways to stand out from the crowd. One emerging trend is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help write CVs.

While AI-powered tools do offer some benefits, it’s essential for professional job seekers to weigh the pros and cons before relying solely on these technologies.

The team at Ability Plus are here to help you make the best possible impression with potential employers and your CV is a huge part of this. It’s important to create a personalised CV to ensure you are showing your experience, skills and knowledge as a real-life person, so an employer can imagine you being part of a team, managing a department or leading the company to its goals.

Here are some of the thoughts we have on the advantages and disadvantages of solely using AI to craft your CV.

Cons of Using AI for CV Writing:

Lack of Personalisation

While AI tools offer customisation options, they can lack the human touch needed to convey a candidate’s unique personality, passions, and soft skills effectively. The best way to uncover the unique aspects you will bring to a role is through real-life conversations, feedback and editing your CV till its 100% selling you!

Over-Reliance on Keywords

Some AI platforms may prioritise keyword optimization for ATS screening*, leading to CVs that may appear generic or overly tailored to match job descriptions. “Key word stuffing” could have a detrimental effect on the impression you make, one that is keen to cover the criteria at a surface level, but may lack the deeper reasoning and evidence of how you would be a great candidate for the job.

*An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application used by some employers and recruiters to manage the recruitment process, specifically the sourcing, screening, and tracking of job candidates. Automated Screening: ATS systems can automatically screen incoming applications based on predefined criteria, such as keywords, qualifications, or experience. These systems are often associated with high-volume recruitment.

We advise highlighting key words relating to the job description, but ensure examples are given which support how you can manage this aspect of the role. If you are unsure how to go about this, we include this as part of our services including targeted job searches, and a tailored CV.

You can read more advice on writing your Personal Statement in our recent blog.


AI tools may not effectively capture your career transitions, gaps in employment, or unique experiences that require nuanced explanations. The speed and convenience often associated with AI also means limiting the flexibility of a CV. It’s important to have a clear reflection of you in your career summary, which is impossible to do using a generated copy.

Language and Tone

AI generated text can be quite easy to identify, especially when looking at the language eg spelling, vocabulary, and grammar. Americanised spellings are often featured in the generated document. If spelling isn’t your forte, it’s best to bring in the experts to help you spot mistakes.

The tone of voice is critical too, you don’t want to sound over-confident or without any passion at all. Getting the right balance is key and of course important to tailor towards the organisation you are set on working for. We can help you figure out the company culture you are seeking to ensure that we find you the most well-suited jobs.

Limited Industry Understanding

AI algorithms may not fully grasp the nuances of specific industries or roles, resulting in CVs that lack context or relevance. Job seekers in niche industries or specialised roles may find it challenging to convey their expertise effectively through AI generated CVs. Ultimately, you will understand the job roles within your experience section and your individual achievements in much greater detail than an AI possibly could!

Ability Plus has over 35 years experience in the Isle of Man finance and non-finance sectors. We help you create a winning CV and provide supportive interview coaching sessions to give you confidence and reassurance.

Pros of Using AI for CV Writing

Time Efficiency

AI-powered CV writing tools advertise themselves as quick to generate a CV based on your input. Whilst you may save some time and effort, Ability Plus emphasise the importance of tailoring a CV and shaping it to sound 100% you.


Many AI platforms allow users to tailor their CVs to specific job descriptions or industries, ensuring that key skills and experiences are highlighted effectively. Professional job seekers should be aware that customisation is limited; some important aspects of a CV are not likely to be included in an AI generated document, for example personal career goals, aspirations and long-term goals which should be written by you truthfully and authentically.

Objective Analysis

AI-driven assessments can provide objective feedback on the content and structure of the CV, helping job seekers understand areas for improvement. Analysis like this can help people in drafting a CV so they have a base to work on with, for example, an employment agency or career coach.

Professional Language & Tone

AI tools often incorporate language optimisation features, such as grammar and spell-checking, to enhance the readability and clarity of the CV. This can help job seekers communicate their qualifications and experiences effectively to potential employers.

However, AI generated text can sound a little robotic so we advise to:

  • Use language that you would use in real life
  • Include only terms and expressions you understand
  • Give real examples you have experienced first-hand
  • Use information you would be able to explain verbally

Within an interview situation, you are likely to be questioned further on aspects of your CV so you will need to be able to respond, give examples or further details about the experience, skills, or knowledge entries you’ve supplied.


While AI-powered CV writing tools have some benefits, professional job seekers should approach them with caution. We do not advise using AI to create a CV but recognise that new tools can be useful to spark ideas, plan, and edit drafts.

It’s essential to strike a balance between leveraging AI for its advantages and preserving the human touch and individuality that makes a CV truly stand out.

Ultimately, job seekers should consider their specific career goals, industry norms, and personal preferences when deciding whether to incorporate AI into their CV writing process.

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Anne Hanna ‐ March 7, 2024